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The common mistakes buyers make!

  1. Driving from yard sign to yard sign calling the number listed. First let's consider the price of gasoline these days. Enough said. Add in the cell phone bill you create, factor in that you may be on hold for a long time if you even get to talk to anyone. Very frustrating.
  2. Picking up a Homes and Lifestyles magazine. This is actually a good practice except by the time the magazine hits the stores the homes featured there have already been on the market for about 10 days and the good ones are gone. Very frustrating.
  3. Believing that you have to deal with the listing agent or agency to see that home. False. We hold an Indiana Real Estate license which actually means we are licensed to sell any home in the State of Indiana.
  4. Most buyers believe they will have to pay to use a buyer's agent. False. While some buyer's agents do charge for their services it is not necessary to do so. (see solution)
  5. For Sale By Owner. Buyer Beware! Ask yourself this. What legal ramifications do you have after closing? What is this seller trying to avoid? Commissions or Disclosure?

Your best Solution: Call 574-371-2001 or "click here". Problem solved. At Kosciusko County Lakes Realty LLC the over used phrase "One call does it all" actually applies.

Call us now! When you call we are going to need certain specific information including.. Your name Contact number where you can be reached Specific information about the home you would like to own, including details such as, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, perhaps a general locality or school district. Giving us as much information about the home you are looking for will aid in our extensive search. Normally within seconds we will execute a search, sometimes even while you wait on the phone, and have available to you a complete list of homes meeting your criteria. NOW YOU HAVE OPTIONS! Through email, fax, or snail mail you can have that list in your hands. At the same time we can help you with finding a lender for you new home. Usually within 45 days or less once you find THE home we can have you moving in. The simple concept? Make a plan.work the plan.end of story. "One call does it all"

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